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 GM APP. of iTzMeh

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GM APP. of iTzMeh Empty
PostSubject: GM APP. of iTzMeh   GM APP. of iTzMeh EmptyThu May 19, 2011 1:12 pm

Name: Surjendra
IGN: Haven't been ingame yet.
Age: 19
Location: Netherlands
GMexp: I've been a GM on RydahMS, (Nexon forced RydahMS to shut down, So im no GM there anymore..)
Active Time: Every day 5-7 hours long.

MeGmCuz:: I got alot of Experience as a GM, i love to Help alot of people In Game.
I want to help this server to get more online players.
I'm a Very patient GM.

If its possible, the owner of this MapleStory, Can u add me on MSN, so we could talk private?

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GM APP. of iTzMeh
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